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The uncompromising quality and comfort of Minotti is known and enjoyed around the world. With a team of fully trained interior designers we understand the needs of our clients. Contemporary Furniture. Modern Italian Furniture. Furniture Specialists.


Lockton is the world's largest privately owned global insurance broker. From small beginnings in Kansas City in 1966 Lockton has become a leading broker worldwide. Our extraordinary year on year growth is the result of our relentless focus on client service - made much easier by not having to serve the needs of shareholders. From the chairman of Lockton down, almost all of our Associates have direct client engagement.

Benedetta Verga Falzacappa

Our history starts from far away, our ancient vineyards starts with the Minucci family dating back to the end of the twelfth century. The ancient and noble Minucci family owned the lands of Vallonto where the current vineyards of Benedetta Verga Falzacappa find place.

Overdrive Club

For the team behind Overdrive Club, cars are a wonderful topic. The diversity, the accessibility across a broad spectrum, and the downright romance that they can engender, means that they weave their way deeply into the hearts of those who care. At Overdrive Club, we feel an obligation to enable and enhance the enjoyment of all things automotive. For us, this means one thing; that they should never, ever, be stale. They shouldn’t be the fiscal subject of a book-keepers dream, locked away in a climate bubble on a seemingly endless rise to future profits. Neither should they be the tea-fueled topic of endless theoretical discussion on part numbers and shim thicknesses.


Privatus is an invitation only global private membership club, with a focus on access to the most iconic world class golf courses and ‘Beyond Golf’ luxury lifestyle services. Privatus clients are discerning, internationalist golfers, many of whom are members of prestigious golf clubs themselves and use their Privatus membership, when travelling on business or pleasure, as a unique gateway to extraordinary golfing experiences, global sporting events, exclusive travel benefits and professional networking.


Whether you have a wedding story to tell, a life story to celebrate or a business story to share, Booked Images produce the most beautiful coffee table photo books that you can find. All of our portfolio books are hand sewn and bound in our artisan bindery in the UK, and they are suitable for any occasion. Our high quality books can be designed to meet individual criteria and can be produced with personal covers, leather or library heritage buckrams.


The Rayvolt bikes are born the heart and mind of its creator, Mathieu Rauzier, 40 years old. His original career has nurtured the project. A genius, after being a photographer in San Francisco, skipper and web designer in Barcelona, he obtained a degree in naval engineering.


illy aims to improve the quality of life through ethical choices. Sustainable development translates into a continuous balance between improvement and innovation on the one hand and responsibility towards people and the environment on the other.

HWM Aston Martin

Today, racing cars built in this country dominate almost every formula, but the first British team to find international success after WW2 is almost forgotten. It wasn’t BRM: the expensive and heavily hyped V16 was an abject failure. It wasn’t Connaught or Vanwall, though their day would come. And it wasn’t Cooper or Lotus, who would go on to win World Championships. In fact it was a shoestring effort from a little garage in Walton-on-Thames called Hersham and Walton Motors – HWM. Over HWM’s seven-year life as a racing car manufacturer less than two dozen were built, but some 70 per cent of the entire production survives today.


The Little Car Company is the world expert in producing exceptional junior cars in partnership with the most elite car manufacturers. This unique partnership guarantees that every vehicle is an official licensed product of the brand. We expertly hand-build each car in the UK, and it is this level of care and attention that delivers the stunning quality for which we are famed.


Welcome to Collaborative Marketing! Strategic partnerships are probably the most overlooked form of marketing and yet they’re one of the most meaningful. At Exclusively Connect we believe it is better to work together than work alone to increase client acquisition and stimulate business growth. We have developed a unique Collaborative Marketing model and we are building a carefully curated community of likeminded companies in the luxury lifestyle and financial services sectors. Our aim is simple, to help you develop new clients and new sales by working closely with complimentary companies that add value and opportunity to each other.


Providing an unrivalled holistic experience to our global network of clients is our primary goal, from discreetly sourcing or powerfully marketing the greatest classic cars in the world to imparting expert informed and impartial advice.


Galleon is a leading international buying agency, specialising in the search and acquisition of prime and super prime real estate in the UK, France, Monaco, Spain and Portugal. Acting solely for the buyer is the founding DNA of Galleon. Their mission; to represent and protect their client’s interests. They advise, have access to the most exclusive properties on and off market and use their expertise to negotiate the deal. The role of an astute buying agent has become synonymous with securing your dream home at the best terms. Whatever you are looking for, Galleon will find it.


Discover what it feels like to be looked after by your bank. At Hampden & Co, we provide private banking as it should be: approachable, accessible expertise delivered through loyal, long-lasting client relationships.


While the 96 Club exists primarily for the benefit of its members and friends, from time to time we do consider commercial partnerships, which can include exclusive days or evenings at one of our venues, with or without or our members such as themed days at our monthly Breakfast Rendezvous or Track Evenings, and events linked with one or more of our impressive roster of member companies, who are leading lights in classic and sports car and other art collection and appreciation, and in other luxury sectors, throughout the world.


With the exclusive use of a beautiful private garden in London's Belgravia, for over 40 years we have hosted the most exclusive breakfast in central London, organised drives to the most beautiful locations and visited classic and racing car events in the UK and Europe, including our own exclusive use of race circuits for those who like to be untrammeled by road speed limits and the vagaries of modern traffic. Membership is limited and carefully controlled but non-member enthusiasts with exciting and interesting cars are welcome at many of our events, where they mix with lovers of fine cars from every strata of international business and culture.


96 Club welcomes an incredible partner: booked Images are a bespoke UK craft bindery and design studio offering the Ultimate hand crafted luxury book for the finest and rarest cars in the world. We offer a very high level of finishing,  including leathers and alcantara to match the interior of your car. Details can include car

Rayvolt UK Premium E-bikes

96 Club welcomes Rayvolt! The Rayvolt Cruzer E-bike aligns a classic vintage look with cutting edge technology creating a timeless e-bike full of character. The look harks back to the legendary era of motorcycling: the early 1900s Indian motorcycle, the 1969 Cafe Racer and the 1970 beach cruiser. The result is a timeless e-bike that