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Trackday 2 – 1st September 2020 – Brands Hatch Indy


From 5.30 – 8.00/dusk
102dB(A) static


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No non-U cars buzzing you and no more than about 10 cars on the track at any time. Lots of opportunities to refine your track technique, with the great help of our instructor Kevin Haggarthy.

First of all, a big thank you to all those that came to the two Track Evenings in 2019; I have had great feedback from everyone; ‘fabulous to see the Lotus team car of Paul Alexander out on the track’, ‘the right crowd and no crowding’, ‘lovely relaxed event with no cars buzzing me’, ‘fantastic instruction from the very skilled Kevin Haggarthy’, ‘I felt like I had the whole circuit to myself’, ‘It was the first trackday I had ever attended and I enjoyed a great deal. It very much felt like a group of friends that had met up at the circuit for the evening’, were just some of comments we received.
A big thank you to Kevin Haggarthy for being an informal instructor, his skill in teaching and his patience, and his generosity in bringing the fabulous Barnet and Southgate College Renault Clio along was really appreciated.



ALL cars will be tested and the limits are:
102dB(A) static / 92dB(A) drive-by

If your car fails the noise test, we cannot refund you but there will be other cars of ours that you may be able to drive.

If you have any problem or not sure just please check with our partner:

Tim Lamont
ACT Performance Products Ltd
mobile 07903 585048

Mention 96Club for members discount.



On to the Track Evening – it will be an open pitlane – come and go as you please!



Extra drivers £30 each (max two extra drivers per car)
Passengers £10 each



  • All drivers should bring safety helmets/crash helmets.All open/convertible car drivers and passengers must wear full face helmets, closed car drivers and passengers can wear open face helmets.
  • Legs must be covered in closed cars.
  • Legs AND arms must be covered in open/convertible cars.
  • Cars MUST have a front tow hook, clearly marked – use brightly colored tape or paint and if the hook is a cable type, you must add a brightly colored soft textile etc streamer so it can be found by the Marshals if the cable slips behind the grille or bumper etc.
  • Drivers MUST bring their DVLA road driving license with them.
  • Familiarization laps will be carried out behind a pace car and give you a chance to experience each bend at a reduced speed and note the live Marshal post and circuit conditions before unrestricted track time begins. Cars can take four passengers in each sighting laps car – they don’t have to wear helmets while passengering.

Novices MUST have a separate briefing with our instructor and are not allowed on the track if they have not completed sighting laps with him.


If you want some tuition/instruction/guidance PLEASE see Kevin DIRECTLY AFTER the briefing and book a time slot .

Signing On (15.30-16.00)  BRING YOUR DRIVING LICENSE!
Noise Testing (16:00-16:30)
Safety Briefing (16:30 – 17:00)
Familiarization/Sighting Laps (17:00)
Track Time (17:30 – 20:00/dusk)


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