Michael Scott

Michael Scott Who does ‘Scottie’ not know? Who doesn’t know Scottie? Michael is first and foremost a passionate car enthusiast with a particular soft spot for The Prancing Horse. He’s also an incredible ideas generator and networker. No event is too ambitious for Michael once he sets his mind to it. Of course he is […]

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Bill Collins

Bill is a genuine bona fide classic car expert with an eye for detail that is second to none. At 25 he bought the Ferrari 250 Lusso he still owns and runs today. His tremendous depth of knowledge and enthusiasm is an asset to the 96 Club.

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Suzi Grant-Fernyhough

Suzi has worked closely with Michael for many years, from the fabled Club Soixante-Douze du Mans and the birth of the 96 Club plus associated car and driving events too numerous to mention. She takes care of the details and ensures that everything runs smoothly. What would the 96 Club do without her?

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Graham Glen

Graham is the photographer for the club. He is very grateful for the opportunity to be able to photograph such a wonderful selection of cars every month.

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Simon Duval Smith

Simon can usually be found behind the grill cooking bacon and sausages for hungry club members at our monthly rendezvous. He is also an automotive writer and editor, ex- car and motorcycle restorer and racer, and restaurateur. Old enough to remember ‘classics’ when they were just old cars but not old enough to know better […]

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Paolo Callea

Paolo Callea has been passionate about Cars since an early age. He has driven his first go kart aged only 4 and then while a teenager has raced go kart professionally across all Italy. After managing nine motorsport championship and countless of projects in the supercar, classic and racing car Paolo has set-up his own […]

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