’73 Porsche Carrera 2.7 RS

Condition New
Year 31-08-2020

Vehicle Details

Condition New
Make Porsche
Model 2.7 RS
Year 31-08-2020
Price POA
Transmission Manual

Vehicle Description

RS no 9113600396 was registered in the UK on the 7th February 1973 and has had the same ownership since 7th July 2002.

It successfully competed in the 2003 Classic Adelaide Rally where it was of 19 cars from the UK.

It has subsequently been a frequent sight at PCGB and GRRC Track days, where it more than held its own against modern 911’s.

It has just been given a full restoration, over a 2 year period and is restored to road car specification.

The Carrera RS, highly valued by enthusiasts and collectors, is considered by many to be the greatest classic 911 of all time. RS stands for Rennsport in German, meaning race sport. The Carrera name was reintroduced from the 356 Carrera which had itself been named after Porsche’s class victories in the Carrera Panamericana races in Mexico in the 1950s.

The RS was built so that Porsche could enter racing formulae that demanded a minimum number of production cars. Compared to a standard 911S, the Carrera 2.7 RS had a  larger engine (2687 cc) developing 210 PS (150 kW; 210 hp) with Bosch (Kugelfischer) mechanical fuel injection, then to improve the handling, the RS was equipped with revised and stiffened suspension, a “ducktail” rear spoiler, larger brakes, and wider Fuchs wheels at front and rear.

With all these changes, the Carrera RS could outperform most of the high performance models from the other European manufacturers.

The RS used the 911S coupe body shell, but with a fibreglass rear engine lid and fibreglass bumpers. In RS Touring form it weighed 1075 kg/2370 lb. (In Sport Lightweight form it was about 100 kg/220 lb lighter, the saving coming from thin gauge steel used for parts of the body shell and also the use of thinner glass).

In total, 1580 were made, comfortably exceeding the 500 that had to be made to qualify for the FIA Group 4 class.

This car was built to the RS “Touring” (M 472 code) – which had higher 911S type trim level specified (1308 built). It has a matching gearbox and engine no 6630418.

According to the PCGB 117 RS’s were registered in the UK of which 17 were Lightweights. Most of them, including this car, were raced in the special Championships that were set up for them and they proved an extremely popular and successful car on the track.

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