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Condition Used
Year 08-07-2020
Engine 750

Vehicle Details

Condition Used
Make Austin
Model 7
Year 08-07-2020
Price SOLD
Body Style Convertible
Transmission Manual
Doors 3
Engine 750

Vehicle Description

Matilda the Austin Seven. 1936 AAL Four Seat Tourer, a rare model and more competent than earlier Sevens – it has a four speed gearbox with synchromesh, more power from its 750cc engine, bigger brakes and better trim than earlier Sevens.
Matilda was owned for decades by an engineer in north London and was registered with the global Austin Seven club some thirty years ago. The engineer built a (little) motor house in his back garden and carried out a lot of work on the car on Matilda but while he was abroad his neighbours built out onto the lane behind the house, land-locking the car. Matilda was last taxed and on the road in May 1970, which accounts for the low mileage – the recorded 30-something thousand miles is very likely correct. Her engine is free and sound easily on the starting handle, and of course there is a spare engine, two extra spare cylinder blocks. The gearbox seems to work well, with all gears and no noises when spun fast by hand and pushing. The wheels and brakes are free and in good order; the brake cables will need replacing. The chassis is in excellent condition, covered with a layer of grease. The steering and suspension is all good, the steering box is a little tight and may need adjustment and lubricating.
The body is the later all-steel riveted version and is generally good, some corrosion around the rear wheel arches and the front wings will need repairs but most of the required parts are available or very easily fabricated. The floors are steel and are very good, with a few small holes in flat panels that are easily repaired. The trim will need re-covering but the covers and padding/cushions are all complete to use as patterns. There is a new wiring loom in the spares kit plus spare instruments and lights; many of the parts are rare and valuable.
The hood mechanism and frame work perfectly, the wooden header rail is sound and the cover is complete but with holes so can be used as a pattern to make a new one. The side screens are complete and the frame and fabric are complete and not rotted but the side screen windows will need replacing as they are faded and opaque.
The fuel tank appears quite recent and is not leaking.
All in all it will be an immensely satisfying and fun job to get Matilda waltzing again, a great project with almost all parts available through the enthusiastic Austin Seven owner’s club spares schemes and many specialists. £9995 to include the large spares inventory or the spares may be sold separately, contact Simon on 07896 921115. The car is available for viewing in Central London and delivery is available at a very good rate.



6 wheels, one with new tyre fitted
3 new tyres
2 older tyres
1 spare engine complete with dynamo and clutch and fuel pump
2 spare blocks, 1 with valves etc
2 spare gearboxes, one without output flange, gear-lever or top cover
One headlamp complete (the one missing from car), needs bracket re-fixing
Several good headlight units BPF type
New regulator
New wiring loom with correct cloth covering
New coil
New thermostat
New trafficators complete – tested, working perfectly
New spark plugs
Sundry lights and bulbs including one Lucas SFT 700S and one SFT 576 both excellent
Set of tools including wheelbrace, boot handle, special tools, spanner’s, two screw type jacks
Spare speedometer
Spare fuel gauge
7 Spare bonnet catches and keepers
Spare wiper motor
Spare new fan belt
Spare earlier model radiator grille
Two ammunition boxes full of sundry spares and tools

For enquries please contact: ¦ Bill+447970870356 ¦ Michael+447710584696 ¦