Renault 750/4CV 1961

Condition Used
Year 08-07-2020
Engine 1400
Fuel N/A

Vehicle Details

Condition Used
Make Renault
Model 750/4CV
Year 08-07-2020
Price £22,000
Fuel N/A
Color Red
Body Style Saloon
Transmission Manual
Engine 1400

Vehicle Description

*Designed, in secret, during the later years of the 2nd World War, by Renault in Paris. It went into
production in August 1947 and continued until July 1961, by which time more than 1,100,000 had been
produced around the world. They are now a rare sight in any country, even in France. RHD versions were
assembled in Renault’s factory in Acton from December 1949. Renault and Alpine combined to produce
the A106, based on the 4CV, which, in 1973, won the World Rally Championship, as the A110.

*In Australia and the UK, the car was known as the Renault 750. The model’s replacement was the
Dauphine, launched in 1956, but the 4CV/750 continued in production until 1961, then being replaced by
the Renault 4.

*This particular car is thought to be the last off the line in Acton.

*It has been in our ownership since 1998 and has been totally rebuilt and maintained by Renault specialist,
Paul Sage, of Alpine Renault Restoration. In 2002, Paul was given ‘carte-blanche’ to rebuild it and make it
superbly drivable, ie to accelerate, steer and brake in safety and comfort. This he has achieved, using
(almost) entirely Renault parts – the seats actually come from a TR, re-leathered with the rest of the
interior, by superb leather artisans who do a lot of work on Bentleys. (New Interior – £2,500)

*Renault R5 1982 1400cc. Twin downdraft carbs.
*Stainless-steel exhaust.
*Gearbox R10.
*Front brakes R8 discs.
*Rear brakes Clio 1.1 wheel cylinder.
*Special cooling system, utilising a small motorbike radiator mounted horizontally under the front of the car,
so it has not been necessary to puncture the front of the car and ruin its looks.

*The car now drives superbly, is practical, comfortable and safe, and copes extremely well in modern
*Its rarity and original “dinky-toy” looks attract huge attention and its performance surprises surrounding

*Rebuild Costs: well over £35,000 spent.
*Will sell for £22,000 with MOT for 12 months.
*Reason for sale: moving abroad.

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